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CXPro Industry is a leader in France and in Europe for maintenance and repair of scissors, design and manufacturing of sharpening machinery and equipement, and education of top sharpeners.

Our founder Jean-Paul Babin is a reference in the world of scissors. Over the last 40 years Jean-Paul has honed his skills and developed unparalleled know-how.


Not only is he a Master Hikari Craftsman, he is nothing short of the world's top scissor sharpener. His expertise is only rivaled by his own passion for the craft.

Over the years Jean-Paul has first adapted existing tooling then designed and built his own machines in order to meet his sharpening needs.  

These very tools you can now experience for yourself.

CXPro Industry collage and logo - professional sharpening equipment - équipement affutage professionnel

The CXPro family

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